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MOTHER-K Product History
2017 MOTHER-K Disposable Dual Alternating Temperature Sensor Zipper Bag released
MOTHER-K Maternity Pad Released
MOTHER-K 100% Fabric Dry Tissue Bulk 160 Sheets Released
MOTHER-K Baby Bottle, Straw Cup, Disposable Baby Bottle All feeding line Renewal to 2nd Generation
MOTHER-K Nail Scissor, Tweezer set design renewal
MOTHER-K Disposable Bottle Limited Edition Released
MOTHER-K Silicone Baby Bottle Released
MOTHER-K Silicone Spoon Released
MOTHER-K Baby Nail file Released
MOTHER-K 4 sets (100% fabric/Bamboo) of Non-fluorescent Gauze Handkercheif
MOTHER-K Baby antibacterial Double Zipper Bag Released
MOTHER-K Tweezer & Nail Care Set for New Born Baby Released
MOTHER-K Food Container 6 type released
MOTHER-K Baby Food Storage Bag 260ml & Broth Pack released
MOTHER-K Straw Cup Reserving Pack Released
2016 Released MOTHER-K PPSU Feeding Bottle for New Born Baby
Released MOTHER-K Tritan Straw Cup
Released Renewal MOTHER-K Dry Tissue for New Born Baby
(100% Rayon/100% Cotton/Mass Capacity 160 sheets)
Released MOTHER-K Breast-Feeding Tissue
Released MOTHER-K Disposable breast pads with 1.5 times absorbing power
Released MTOHER-K Breastmilk Storage bag 300ml
Released MOTHER-K Food Sanitizer
Released Mother-K Replaceable Straw 2p set for Straw cup
Released Mother-K Premium 1mm Thin Breast pad
Released Mother-K Silicon Bottle Brush (2 Kind of set/Straight shape)
Released Mother-K Straw Tube Brush 2 kind of Set
Released Mother-K Spout Nipple
Released Mother-K Disposable Feeding Bottle in Pink
Released Mother-K Silicone Skin for Disposable Feeding Bottle
2015 Launched "Disposable Feedingbottle" line
Launched "Feedingbottle Washing goods
Launched “ Two easy cut breastmilk storage bag”
Renewal “MOTHER-K light disposable breast pad
Renewal ” Baby cotton buds-100pc”
Launched “ Nail clipper & Tweezer Set
\“breastmilk storage bag 100ml”
\ Renewal “ Nail clipper set”
\ Launched“ Nail clipper”
\ Released MOTHER-K Premium Thin Breast pad
MOTHER-K Premium Bamboo Breast pad was released for the first time in the world
2014 launched “ disposable milk storagebags (temperature indicator)
launched “ disposable breast milk storagebags (temperature indicator)
Launched “Mother-k smart step 1 and 2 baby wet tissue”
Launched “ 3 kind of baby safety nail care set”
Launched “2 kind of nature newborn baby cotton buds”
Launched “ antibacterial baby zipper bag- basic grande
Launched “antibacterial baby zipper bag renewal large size
Launched “ 2 kind of antibacterial baby carry zipper bag
Launched “renewal antibacterial plastic bag”
2013 Launched “renewal disposable powdered milk storagebag”
Launched “ Disposable breast pads (organic cover & light cover)
2012 Launched “ renewal breast milk storage pack”
Launched “Antistatic disposable powdered milk storage pack”
Launched “baby food storage pack”
Launched “6 kinds of nonfluorescent baby laundry washbag”
Launched “ Disposable table mat”
Launched “MOTHER-K 5 kinds of natural fermentation EM
detergent line
Launched “ The nation’s first Breastmilk storagebags for colostrum
Launched “ antibacterial zipperbags XXLarge”
2011 Launched “ MTOHER-K Disposable breast milk storage pack”
Launched “ antibacterial baby zipperbag light 3 species”
2010 Released Baby's first antibacterial baby Zipper Bag & Poly Bag
Launched “antibacterial baby zipperbag carte lines single 5 species”
2017 K-MOM Dual Story Slim fit Diapers released
K-MOM Zero Dust Eco-Friendly Detergent 6 type released
K-MOM Baby Zipper Bag Multi Pack released
2016 Released K-MOM Baby Laundry Detergent, design renewed fabric Softener, and released 1700ml bottle
Released K-MOM Baby Bottle Cleanser Liquid Bottle
Released K-MOM Baby Wet Tissue Basic 10pcs. / K-Mom Premium Baby Wet Tissue 20pcs.
Released K-MOM Baby Laundry Soap “Floral”
Released K-MOM Disposable Breastmilk Storage bag
Released K-MOM Duel Story Disposable Baby Diaper
Renewed a character (Rhino) from K-MOM Laundry Soap Pine
Launched K-MOM Bottle Cleanser Bubble Refill package 500ml
Released new RRP Box package of K-MOM Natural Pureness Baby Wet Wipes 10pcs (Bee)
K-MOM Natural powder detergent 3 type released
2015 Launched K-MOM "Baby Laundry soap"
Launched K-MOM "Baby Zipperbags Compact"
Renewal K-MOM "Wet tissue basic”
Renewal K-MOM "Child Table mat"
Released Renewal K-MOM "Natural Pureness Baby Wet Tissue"
2014 Launched 3 kind of K-MOM Naturefree sensible (detergent, fabric softener, and bottle cleanser)
2013 Launched 6 kind of K-MOM "Antibacterial baby zipperbag”
Launched 2 kind of K-MOM "Naturefree basic and carry Baby wet tissue”
Launched K-MOM "Naturefree premium Embo Baby wet tissue”